Urban Aesthetics began in the summer of 2019 to simply combine my passion for fitness and modern apparel fashion. Starting out I really just thought of it as a dope ass name with a dope ass logo but as it progressed I recognized it as a real opportunity to truly create a positive impact to the urban community and show love back to the people that made me who I am. 

Before fitness I was in a pretty shitty spot. I was severely overweight dealing with constant anxiety, depression, and a general pessimistic view on life. So believe me when I say; I know how it be. With the help of my two homies I consider family (the OG urbanfam members), I busted my ass and transformed my body to lose over 70 pounds. Fitness changed my body, my mindset, and taught me more about life than education ever did and helped shaped Urban Aesthetics to what it is today.

As a brand we advocate for positive lifestyle changes through fitness and support the urban fam in every step of their fitness journey whether they are training to compete or at the beginning of their fitness journey. I'm always building content with community members to help build their confidence so that they can see they don't have to be IG famous to see success. I host events within our community and will begin to offer fitness boot camps as well to deepen our community involvement. I eventually want to open a gym of my own where I can provide the dopest fitness center in the PNW to continue the growth of the urban movement and expand our reach outside of our local community.

While I operate out of the PNW, I believe that there is this very same community throughout the world and hold it as my responsibility to connect with every single one of them to show how a regular ass dude had the willingness to pursue what he loves and wants to inspire them to do the same. To join the Urban Familia is to not only support my vision, but to make the commitment to yourself from this day forward you will give your absolute best damn effort to achieve your goals in the pursuit of your own passion, and I promise I will be there for you every step of the way.  

- Anthony Valdez